OPS345 Professor Setup

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Getting an AWS Academy account

  1. Contact Andrew Smith to get an invitation for AWS Academy.
  2. After you receive your invitation (in 1-2-days) you'll neeed to complete the Educator Orientation in order to be able to create classes of your own. If you read everything: that will take about an hour.

Creating a class

  1. The link to Create a Class is under Account.
  2. You want to create a AWS Academy Learner Lab. So that you can teach OPS345 rather than an AWS Academy course.

That takes a few hours to get created.

Inviting students

  1. Browse to your course via the Courses menu, go to People, and Add people
  2. You could add your students one at a time but that will take a while. Instead get the list of students from Blackboard:
    1. Full grade centre
    2. Work offline
    3. Download: User information only, separated by comma.
    4. Open it with LibreOffice Calc, save as "Student list.csv"
    5. Remove the first row, and the last three columns (student id, last access, availability).
    6. If you have more sections: open those too and copy the rows to the end of the first file.
    7. Run this command: cat Student\ list.csv | awk -F, '{print "\""$1, $2"\"", $3"@myseneca.ca,";}'
    8. Alternatively go to Dave's web application to create the properly-formatted list. You might find some other usefull stuff in his GitHub repo.
  3. Paste the output of that command into the Add People box.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Check the box by the Name heading to fill in all the students' names automatically.
  6. Click next a couple more times.

Your students will get an email from AWS Academy and will need to register an account. That will give them a 100$ credit for your Learner Lab.