OPS345 Passing Requirements

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This is based on the official course outline, which I can no longer access since it requires a VPN connection.

The minimum requirements you need to satisfy to pass this course are:

  • Both your assignments must be submitted, and the submissions must be good enough to deserve more than a 50% grade. Even if you get a zero because your assignment is so ridiculously late: it still needs to be submitted before the last day of the course.
  • The weighted average of your test grade and your exam grade must be over 50%.
  • Your exam grade must be over 50%.
  • Your overall grade must be over 50%.

The weights of your work are below. Don't trust the automatic grade calculation in Blackboard, that is usually wrong:

  • Assignments - 35% (17.5% each)
  • Labs and quizzes – 20% (about 2% each)
  • Midterm test - 20%
  • Exam - 25%