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29 March 2023

27 March 2023

  • curprev 16:0516:05, 27 March 2023Andrew talk contribs 3,406 bytes +1,571 No edit summary Tag: Visual edit
  • curprev 15:2915:29, 27 March 2023Andrew talk contribs 1,835 bytes +1,835 Created page with "= !!!THE ASSIGNMENT IS NOT READY YET!!! = In this assignment you'll practice some of the skills you've learned in the course to build a simple web server. It won't look fancy but you'll only be a couple of steps away from being ab;e to deploy a modern web application. * Set up a '''new Debian virtual machine''', call it '''asg2''' and give it the hostname asg2. Do a minimal installtion, with no GUI. All your assignment will be done in this new virtual machine. ** Make s..." Tag: Visual edit